Month: May 2015

First Week of Summer Break

I’m preparing for Summer School, which I am working and the boys are attending, for the month of June. I will be working one-on-one with a student that is autistic. Thankfully, it’s a student I already know from… Read More

Memorial Day

Of course, we had to have a BBQ. Ribs and burgers, and steak. Mmmm… I decided to make a new dessert. It was good, but not the “hit” I was hoping it would be. We should’ve just eaten… Read More

Family Day at Church

It was Youth Sunday at church, being the 4th Sunday of the month, so the kids were part of the service. After worship, we started off with Lucas singing a special. He sang, “Just As I Am”, which… Read More

Strawberries and Cabbage for Spike

Thanks, Google, for doing an “Auto Awesome” version of Spike eating! 🙂