A Home For Everything

The rule in our house for birthdays and Christmas is that the boys have to get rid of old toys to make room for the new presents.
If only it were that simple.
This usually means I have to rearrange or move a shelf up or down or make room in the closet. Which means work for me.
The boys do their share and are more than willing to help, because they know I expect it and they also know they get to have reward time after it’s all done.
We got most of Lucas’ room done when we hit the last and worst space…the closet!

There were shoes that no longer fit, tons of unused bags, unused posters and we finally got rid of the stuffed frog collection. That was a bit sad for me but I knew it needed to go. My leap year baby is growing up and the whole matching frog theme has overstayed its welcome.
Our donation pile is growing in the garage, but I refuse to take a picture of it!
Here is the finished room:

Someone is super happy with his clean room!

Even the Man of Steel needs to stretch every now and then…

Lucas feels “grown up” with his little night stand (from the basement) and his droid alarm clock beside his bed.
This may end up being an issue since he will walk across his room on school mornings, turn off the alarm, and cozy up back in bed.

And the super clean and organized closet!
I think this kiddo is ready to go back to school on Monday. 🙂

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