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Starting over

I really do have a love of blogging, but I have not made it the priority I want it to be. My goal is to post regularly here and share that on Facebook, rather than living on Facebook all day long.
I’m too nosy to let go of my favorite social media, but in order to make other things a priority in my life (family and a medical need to be healthier), I need to make a lot of changes.
Why do I like to blog, or, should I say, why am I in love with the idea of blogging? First of all, I think my boys are too darn good looking and smart to not share them with the world! Biased? Of course. Do I care? Not at all. Yes, there is the issue of privacy and safety. We don’t get out much. Our kids know stranger danger. We don’t let them out of our sight and it’s not a major issue for me. Second, I want to keep track of our lives for them. An online documentation that is better than a scrapbook! (Don’t get me started on scrapbooking…I collect and never create. True story.)
And third…I don’t have a third reason. Just go back to reason #1…

See what I mean?
Enough said.

Anyhow, I’m struggling with the idea of starting over and/or importing old posts from the old blog. No? Yes? Maybe I can use those as fillers when I have writers block? A TBT post? If you don’t know what TBT is, look it up. I’m too busy to tell you!

I have a lot going on in my life right now…almost to the point of being overwhelming. One. Day. At. A. TIME.

That’s about it. I’m praying for many things, and I’m throwing in the need to prioritize my life:
…and then those darn pesky DVR shows! Lol!

Winter 2001

Pics from December 2001
– Trip to Bass Pro
– Playing in the snow
– Christmas Eve in Camdenton

Fall 2001

Here are a few miscellaneous photos from this fall.
-pics from Sherri’s birthday
-hanging out in Hartville for dad’s birthday
-at home and pics of Chloe
(Please ignore the old website address in the watermark!)